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Why Virtual Assistant Services?

As your business grows, the organization is experiencing that your secretary and clerical staff cannot keep up with your new success or you may have a new business or a special project you need assistance on. You need additional support but you are not ready or cannot afford to employ more staff members, not even on a part time basis.

Hiring an employee could costs more than you think. By outsourcing and using virtual assistant services, the company will save a lot of cost, such as a monthly salary, allowances and employee benefits such as a company car, health insurance, yearly bonus, payments for non-productive break times and personal issues or compensation during illness, holidays and vacation. Besides, the company might not have spare office space or spare desks and probably would need to purchase more computers.

Our virtual assistants work from a fully equipped home or central office. They are highly qualified, skilled, adapt easily, customer friendly, proactive and are fluent in the Indonesian and English language. Administration and organizing things are their specialties, providing the businessman or woman with a suite of office expertise to match and support the professional image of their business. Our managers in Indonesia and Holland also speak the Dutch language fluently.

So, if you are spending too much time on your administrative tasks, your workload is increasing, you need extra support with projects, or you only require a few hours of support a week, a month or during employee holidays, we will provide you with professional services that is not tied to traditional office hours and yet at very affordable rates. 
It will take time consuming burdens off your shoulders and create more time for you to focus on your core business to generate more clients and revenue!

Benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant

  • No need for recruitment and training cost for new employees.
  • No need to provide office equipment and space.
  • No need to worry about payroll, taxes, insurance,benefits and travel expenses.
  • No time and money wasted on breaks or personal issues.
  • You only pay for "Time on Task" or by project.
  • You stay on track and on schedule and can focus more on your core business.
  • You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your Virtual Assistant is handling the details professionally and within the given timeframe.
  • You and your Virtual Assistant choose to work together as partners.
  • Your Virtual Assistant has a vested interest in your business success because your success is his success as well.

Not yet convinced to outsource your business or have any questions? Contact us!