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How we work

Step 1: Initial Assessment

The initial assessment can be done at your convenience using your preferred method of communication (email, phone, online chat, skype or video conferencing) allowing you to choose your employee(s). You give us a job description and we match you up with the appropriate candidates with the skill level, education and experience you desire.

We can also arrange a meeting for direct discussion to identify your business needs. We will give you an overview of our services; you will determine the projects, activities and goals for which we can offer assistance to support your business as well as your budget.

We have made getting started as risk free as possible. You won’t pay us ANYTHING upfront, this means you will have a chance to interview potential applicants, so you know what you will be getting before committing your financial resources.

Our HR department will call you the same or next day to review your requirements and coordinate interviews.

Step 2: Quotation/Proposal Submission

We will submit our quotation or proposal for your further review. We will also include our standard service agreement/retainer agreement, confidentiality agreement and terms & conditions when submitting our quotation for your reference.

Step 3: Client sign-up & Account set-up

Once you agree to sign up and move forward with our business partnership, our information package will be sent to you and which includes:

  • Our profile: business hours, bank account details, contact details, our tools & resources etc.
  • A Confidentiality Agreement is signed by us for your files and other information you supply us with. It is our standard policy that all information gained through our partnership will remain strictly confidential.
  • A Service Agreement and Terms & Conditions.
  • A Client Profile sheet. The details for projects and services that you use and we will need to have access to, on your behalf, in order to able to work on your projects.

Client Account setup

  • A 50% deposit is required prior to the start of the task or service we agreed on.
  • Balance is due at end of task or service. No ongoing commitment is required.
  • Retainers require a contract agreement and are billed monthly in advance.
  • We set up your web-mail address and/or other means of communication to keep contact. 
  • All the necessary software we will supply you with.
  • Your project record is documented in an account in a way you can track it down easily.
  • We will appoint a Project Manager who will be in charge to manage your project in an ongoing basis.

Step 4: Weekly Activity Report

Our report will be sent to you on a weekly basis by the Project Manager. This is to ensure everyone is kept well informed of the current activities being done or have been completed. It is important to us that clear and ample communication is present at all times. Our weekly report includes:

  • A list of what we need from you.
  • A list of completed projects.
  • A list of current and ongoing projects.
  • A general breakdown of budget and progress: hours remaining, time tracking, budget status.
  • Invoice and payment status.

Step 5: Client Feedback/Meeting

This process is conducted on a monthly basis for project durations of more than 2 months in order to track goals and progress. It can be done through email, meeting, phone or video conferencing. During this period, it is also common to brainstorm about new projects, products and programs. A tasks and time line matrix can then be created and pieces disbursed to our Virtual Assistant Team in order to make things happen according to your needs.

Not yet convinced to outsource your business or have any questions? Contact us!