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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the hiring process work?

You simply share your needs with us and we will assign an account manager who will pull from our vast pool of in-house virtual assistants. You will work directly with your account manager on a daily or weekly basis.

Why should I choose your company instead of an outsourcing agency?

PCS is an independent company that only works for you. We as a company have our own interest in your success.  Our success depends on your success. We are not an agent who outsources your work out to freelancers. We don’t do that because then we would not be able to control the quality of the work we do for you.

I am worried about my privacy, my confidentiality?

Your privacy and confidentiality is safe with us since we are working as a part of your organization. We have a Confidentiality Agreement to reassure you that we will not share any of your information unless you have given us a task assignment that requests us to do so. We have not published all our clients’ identities at this website since it may reveal their strategies and confidentiality. We never ever try to gain additional mileage showcasing our past work to other clients.

Since you are working for several companies how can you assure me that you will be able to deliver in time?

We never work for many companies at the same time. We are working on contracts which end over a period of time. Apart from this we have our team of associates that does most of the work, which involves extensive labor work. However, if we accidentally have to face a workload situation, we will hire additional people who will work under our direct supervision based on your approval. We strongly believe in honesty and justification to our clients. What we have agreed on we will deliver.

Can I set my VA’s hours and days?

Yes, you choose the day or hours that suit your business needs. Most of our clients are in The Netherlands so we operate during Dutch business hours.

How can I monitor the progress on tasks I have delegated?

Through the Client Area, you will be able to keep track of which tasks your assistant is working on. In addition, a time report is uploaded on a weekly basis which will show in detail how much time has been spent on each task and how much time you have remaining. This is an opportunity to delegate new tasks and get updates on those in progress. We will appoint a dedicated project manager who will be responsible to coordinate and supervise your project implementation as well. We encourage clients to have weekly check-ins with their project manager. This is an excellent quality control solution.

Do I need to employ you locally?

Our Virtual Assistants are working from their home or our central office and the location of your company does not matter at all. The work is distributed via our special cloud software, email, fax, telephone or postal service. The communications can be done via online messengers, text messaging, email, skype or video conferencing etc. There is no relocation problem when we are working on remote locations for you. Even if your office location changes we are available for you via Internet, fax or phone. Since we are working in Indonesia you are free from your payroll burdens, benefits and other operational expenses.

Am I liable for social security and employee’s taxes ?

In case you are hiring people locally the laws of your country apply to you. Since you are outsourcing work to an independent contractor in Indonesia, you are free from all liabilities. We have to manage our own tax obligations and have obtained the necessary registrations required for running a business in Indonesia.

What happens if my Virtual Assistant is out sick?

Since your VA is like your own in house staff, this is a possibility. We cannot manage people’s health and prevent illnesses and other unforseeable events. You would deal with this in the same fashion as you would if it were at your local office. You might require make up days for your VA and/or extended work hours until the hours are made up.

Can I change Virtual Assistant if I’m not happy?

Keep in mind that you are not stuck with the VA that you have. If it’s not working out for you, let us know and we will find someone else for you immediately.

Can I hire someone with a specific set of skills?

Of course, simply tell us what your needs are and our account manager will find the most suitable VA for your needs.

How long does it take to get started?

It can take as little as 1 day to hire your first VA depending on your unique requirements and some other variables beyond our control. The process is quick!

Can I offer Incentives to my VA’s?

The best way to motivate your VA’s and increase productivity anywhere is to give a little something to strive for. So, while we do not obligate clients to provide this additional compensation, based on our experience, it more than pays for itself. The entire amount goes directly to your VA. So a small amount goes a long way!

What are the cost involvements for working with you?

Our services are very much affordable and dedicated. The prices of the services depend more or less upon the nature of the assignment. In general it varies from €5.00 to €15.00 per hour depending upon the required level of expertise and workload of the work. The nature of the work includes secretarial work, administrative support, project management, customer support and follow-ups, web development work, online and local marketing and any other service requested by you. You may also refer to our special packages or get a quote for customized business support that meets your budget and requirements.

What are the payment terms?

Our service is 50% pre-paid due on the date you start your Virtual Assistant service and 50% is due on the date of completion of the task or project. Payments can be done by Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, iDEAL or by banktransfer.

Do you issue refunds?

Although it’s rare, you can cancel anytime during your first month, and we will refund the pro-rated portion of your funds by banktransfer within 30 days.

Do you offer special rates for non-profit organizations and individuals involved with education?

Yes, we do. Please send us an email and tell us about your organization and the kind of work you would like us to do for you and we will get back to you with a special rate and complete quotation or proposal.

Can you develop marketing and promotion of my products/services in Indonesia?

Yes! We will love to do this. We have good exposures of direct sales in many cities in Indonesia. We have our own list of customers and we know the channels of marketing in Indonesia. We can recruit direct salesmen for you along with door to door marketing personal. We can setup a mini Call Center also which can be used for domestic as well as international calling. The bottom line is that we can help you in setting up your domestic marketing as well as a support office until you are ready to invest and get settled in Indonesia.

Not yet convinced to outsource your business or have any questions? Contact us!