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Why outsourcing in Indonesia?

Interest in Indonesia as an outsourcing destination is growing, mainly because the negative factors that used to hamper the country’s competitiveness and productivity no longer exist. 

Some of the key factors that make a location attractive to outsourcing are:

Demographics – a large pool of well educated people available at a highly competitive cost
Infrastructure – a stable environment in which to operate: power, internet connectivity and access to the work place.
Political Stability – giving confidence to potential clients that the operation is not going to be shut down due to political unrest.

There are other factors like rule of law, protection of intellectual property right, and track record. But the three factors stated above would have been  significant barriers for us to attract co-workers in Indonesia if we had entered these markets several years ago.
Things have changed. Many of the well educated population in Indonesia are no longer attracted to go overseas as more opportunities open locally, the infrastructure has improved significantly, and the political stability is much more evident.

We also believe that Indonesia is at the beginning of large economic growth driven by improved education levels, increased local consumption, increased prices of natural resources, accelerated innovation and 'new economy' businesses.
PCS wants to be part of this growth and so it is our mission to assist global entrepreneurs in building their business in Indonesia’s booming economy or elsewere.


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