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Who we are

About Us

PCS is a in the Netherlands based virtual assistant and  business support computer service company that offers cost effective and practical solutions for many of your business needs. We provide, by using the Internet, cloudsoftware and SSL secure communications, virtual administrative/secretarial and ICT business support services to companies, CEO's and entrepreneurs in Holland and abroad at very competitive costs.

Our background is hardware and software services for companies and newspaper publishers and we have gained hardware and software experience in computer networks, personal and enterprise computer systems and peripherals for more than 20 years among others at Getronics, Sijthoff Pers, Atex Media, Norsk Data and Multihouse.
The quality of the services and the quality of products supplied by PCS are of high standards and continuity in our relationship with our customers is our aim. Customer focus, flexibility, practical solutions and competitive prices is our motto.
The services of PCS include virtual assistant services, webdesign and several computer services.
We deliver our services and products directly to consumers and small or medium enterprises.

Most of our virtual assistants work from a fully equipped home office in Indonesia. They are highly qualified, skilled, adapt easily, customer friendly, proactive and are fluent in the Indonesian and the English language. Administration and organizing things are their specialties, providing the businessman or woman with a suite of office expertise to match and support the professional image of their business. Our managers in Indonesia and Holland also speak the Dutch language fluently.

By taking care of all the time consuming work, you can focus more on your company's core business. Our Virtual Assistants have a unique and highly effective way of working with our clients.  We are a one-stop-shop for your business support needs. We are taking the industry to a whole new level and are working together as a team at our office.

You can rely on our IT and business knowledge, project coordination experience and our administrative and business support in the efficient completion of your projects. Utilizing advanced technology modes of communication and data delivery have enabled us to serve a global client base. 

Our mission

Our mission is aimed to provide practical business solutions for new business start-ups, small business owners, entrepreneurs and growths of existing businesses. You can expect professional, proactive, affordable, high quality work with a fast turnaround when working with us.

Utilizing virtual services will not only reduce your overhead expenses by over 50%, but it also eliminates the need for large investments and lessens any financial liability. By taking care of all the time consuming work, you can focus more on your company's core business. Our professional team will focus on providing you with a personalized service without the costs of maintaining additional staff members. 

How to describe our team? Proactive! We make it a habit to always try to bring new ideas to your business. If we don’t know the answer, we will look for it. From our offices we are ready to serve global clients and offer our fast, reliable and affordable services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Why Us

We provide extended business hours. As our global client, you will get extended business hours since we are located 7 hours ahead of GMT (GMT+7), thus we are the virtual assistant for your business around the clock, making sure that we work and extend your business hours even when you are sleeping, having a holiday or spending time with your family.

Our rates are very competitive. Our rates are extremely competitive when compared to other foreign based virtual assistant services. PCSVA is able to offer better services and results for an average range from €5.00 to €15.00 per hour and which rates can be discounted depending on the time you require our services. If you find our rates higher than on some other VA websites you have visited, please keep in mind “that you get what you pay for”.

Our corporate values. Since most of our assistants are working out of various locations we have regular sessions with our VA's to train, coach and educate them. We work extra hard in establishing a corporate culture since we don't meet them all everyday. The cornerstones of our culture are formed by 7 values:

1. Goal Oriented

2. Energetic

3. Supportive

4. Professional

5. Punctual

6. Proactive

7. Flexible

By living these values we hope we can give a very personalized service to our clients and always exceed our clients expectation by doing more than expected. 

Not yet convinced to outsource your business or have any questions? Contact us!